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Above Ten Thousand People

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Above Myriads, Above Ten Thousand People, Beyond Myriad Peoples, Người Trên Vạn Người, 万人之上, 偽りの武神, 萬人之上
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Synopsis Above Ten Thousand People

Yi Feng found himself in the realm of cultivation but was dismayed to discover that he lacked the innate talent known as “spiritual roots” required for cultivation. Believing himself to be an ordinary person, he could only practice martial arts, recruit disciples, and sell books, leading a mediocre life akin to a salted fish. Little did he know that his abilities surpassed the boundaries of the three realms and transcended the five elements.


  1. Michael says:

    This show is complete garbage. Obviously just my opinion but for me its totally unwatchable.

  2. Mind Reader says:

    There is a lot of meme reference if you read the Manhua. So, if you are not familiar with the Chinese meme culture in general, you will probably find this not relatable or unwatchable.

    I have been reading the Manhua, but reading and watching are two different things. The story is still good, but the plots will be repetitive as long as the MC is still in the Mortal Realm, so be prepared for that.

    Also, you may struggle to follow the story because of its bizarre pace. XD

  3. Mind Reader says:

    I find this 21-episode unwatchable, even though I’ve read the Manhua. The reason is that they have removed so many scenes that are crucial to the plot. It seems they have done this to avoid showing blood.

    For instance, in the episode where a sect attacks the Yi Feng martial arts school, four old grandpas sit outside the school. However, they didn’t show the prior and significant scenario that led to the raid. This omission makes it difficult to follow the story, as many essential scenes have been removed.

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