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Basketball Whirlwind

“Basketball Whirlwind” takes the protagonist Trojan horse as the main point of view. After discovering the gap between campus basketball and professional basketball, he faces the distance, moves forward bravely,…

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The Strongest Villain System

What is a Villain? Is it Li Chenzhou whose fist overturns the world, or is it Shangguan Jinhong as he stirs the winds and clouds? Maybe it is Ye Gucheng’s…

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The God Devourer

Although he lost his right hand and right leg in a car accident, Beiming did not lose faith in life. After he met a gangster on the road, Beiming was…

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Dragon’s Disciple

The frail boy but with a strong sense of justice, under the guidance of Tang Zichen, a master of Chinese martial arts, embarks on the road of learning traditional martial…

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Forced to Be a Hidden Occupation

It’s a miserable man who played a game called ‘Free and Easy World’, and finally got the game peripherals and wanted to make a difference. However, I never expected that…

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Battle Through the Heavens 2nd Season

The second season of Doupo Cangqiong [Battle Through the Heavens Season 2]

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You’re A Genius [Ni Zhenshi Ge Tiancai]

In an alternate world, there are two continents, the East Continent and the West Continent. In the snow-capped mountain areas in the north of the West Continent lives a mysterious…

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Dissociate the Demon Saint

Five hundred years, the demon sage Qitian fought the immortal clan, and finally blew himself up. The three souls and seven souls were scattered in the three realms… Five hundred…

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Let Me Check the Walkthrough First

Liu Yinuo, a 30-year-old ordinary office worker, was accidentally summoned to the game world. To get back to the real world, Liu Yinuo, an excellent game player, began to teach…

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