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The Galaxy Emperor [Gaishi Dizun]

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The Galaxy Emperor, Gaishi Dizun, Matchless Emperor, Emperor Gaishi, 盖世帝尊, 3D, The Galaxy Emperor 3D
Status: Ongoing Network: Studio: Released: Jul 30, 2023 Country: Type: ONA Posted by: Admin Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis The Galaxy Emperor [Gaishi Dizun]

In ancient times, numerous saints contended for supremacy. A young man, known as the “Sleeping God,” unexpectedly gains fortune and starts practicing an incredible cultivation technique. From then on, he becomes an unparalleled genius with an invincible physical body, dominating the heavens and earth, cutting stars with his sword, and making countless talents prostrate before him. In this world where heroes rise, he stands alone as the unrivaled martial overlord.


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    3) Peak of True Martial Arts * ( Nie FenG )

    4) Galaxy Emperor * ( Dao Ling )

    5) Big Brother [Shixiong A Shixiong] * ( LI ChanG Shou )

    6) Legend of Yang Chen

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